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    The complete eDiscovery toolkit for Service Bureaus, Law Firms and Corporations.


    CAVO only needs bare metal.

    Amazon Web Services

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    Fast Cloud Based Processing

    Thematic Content for Search

    Business Intelligence and Case Metrics


    From Pre-Processing through Processing, Analysis, Review and Production

    Simple All-In-One Pricing

    Robust Analytics Toolset Included


    Currently Processing with Analytics and ready for Review 1.3 TB/day

    Speed rate includes duplication identification, deNist, document theming, email threading, and loading for review.

    Distributed cloud-processing lowers data center costs.


Advances in artificial intelligence and scalable computing continue to accelerate. We believe electronic discovery professionals and their clients should benefit. That’s our mission in a nutshell. Cloud-based Processing, Thematic Search, and Business Intelligence Metrics are three ways Cavo eD delivers on our mission.

And that’s just for starters.

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Data Security

The Most Secure Place on the Planet to Host eDiscovery: Using Virtual Private Cloud from Amazon Web Services

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Document Management Integration

Integration Between Worldox Systems and Cavo eD Provides a Unified Method of Selecting, Reviewing and Producing Litigation Documents

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The Power of a Full Featured eDiscovery Platform in Your Hands – Affordably


Affordable Software

An Affordable eDiscovery Platform for Users with Cases of All Sizes

Despite the increasingly large role it plays in litigation matters, many small to mid-sized law firms and corporations have yet to take the plunge into using advanced e-Discovery tools to handle litigation matters. According to the industry people we speak with, the most common reasons for putting off this decision are; fear, cost, and the lack of access to a level playing field.

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Making a long term investment and signing a long term contract makes many partners nervous, especially when it is not clear how often you will use the software moving forward. Cavo eD believes that it has made significant progress in removing these barriers to entry due to:

  • Intuitive easy-to-use yet powerful software design;
  • Inclusion of a fully featured platform covering all aspects of the EDRM model, including analytics and predictive coding;
  • Multiple delivery options and disruptive pricing alternatives in a Cloud environment with no long term contract requirements.

Size Doesn’t Matter.. Large or Small

If you usually deal with smaller or more infrequent cases, your selection of eDiscovery products has been fairly limited. You need:

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  • The full functionality of a complete eDiscovery platform to perform your work, without the long term commitment.
  • Our flexible, predictable pricing which makes our entire platform available to any user, regardless of the volume of your data or the frequency of need.
  • Low monthly costs, no infrastructure costs, on demand pricing.
  • Our eDiscovery platform which covers the EDRM from Processing through production, including full analytics and a review module. Get all the features you want, under the conditions that make sense to your organization.
  • Our software can also handle the large cases that you have effectively and affordably.

The Cavo Legal Disruptive Pricing Solution

We have pricing solutions to meet all conditions and all budgets, without the need for a long term contract. Because we have scalable computer stacks built in the highly secure AWS Cloud, you pay for only the equipment that you are using, for as long as you need to use it. There is no long term infrastructure cost and no need to support that equipment locally with limited IT staff. We can price your project with a monthly charge, by the GB, by the number of Users, by the case or anywhere in between.
Talk to the company that is ready to operate the way that you do, making it easy to plan budgets and commit to clients.


Electronic discovery is often too expensive. As data sets grow, costs go up. Fortunately, Cavo eD’s web architecture, powered by a distributed No-SQL database, dramatically lowers the expenses of today’s matters. Automated project management with business intelligence metrics lowers them even more. Everything is included in the price, including analytics. There are no hidden or extra expenses which means costs are predictable at the outset.

Moreover, Cavo eD’s robust toolbox for Technology Assisted Review (TAR), including its unique Thematic Search and built in Predictive Coding, mean critical documents are found more easily and review costs fall. That’s the benefit of Cavo eD’s advanced technology – lower costs AND better outcomes.

Some of the ways Cavo eD lowers electronic discovery costs.

Use End-to-End or with Hosted Review. Your choice.

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all-in-one pricing.

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Automated case-management with budget forecasting.

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Non-Linear Workflow

Non-linear workflow
and analysis.

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Predictive coding with three
similarity measurements.

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Cavo eD uses a web architecture. So it just needs bare metal to run.

The Cavo eD platform can be deployed behind the firewall or in a Public or Private Cloud. Your choice.


Enterprise data is growing at 30% per year. So Cavo eD was built with new technologies to tame these enormous data sets. Cavo eD powers its web architecture with a distributed NoSQL database that runs virtually as fast as you want it to go. Our Processing Plus+ is fully distributed and can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of each case; saving cost and infrastructure support. Run it behind your firewall or throw it up in the Cloud. It runs fast everywhere.

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Run Cavo eD in the AWS Cloud, Private Could or behind your Firewall

Cavo eD’s unique architecture and Processing Plus+ technology coupled with the scalability, security, reliability, and design or our software can achieve fast results under any deployment option. Cavo eD was specifically designed to employ the most current and powerful proprietary and open source software available in a fully distributed and scalable environment.


Details and Benefits

First deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the premier cloud-based computing service provider, Cavo eD can accommodate extremely large cases while delivering unequalled processing speed and exceptional performance. Cavo eD was also developed to be mounted on bare metal with the only practical limitation being the number of servers that are dedicated to the software. Its true power and speed are only limited by the resources that are provided for it to work.

Because Cavo eD has achieved linear scalability for processing, the power of many processors can be harnessed to handle large data collections with ease. The richly featured Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service combined with Cavo eD’s innovative architecture enables users to quickly and easily scale computing resources (up or down) to meet their specific requirements through an easy-to-use Cavo eD web interface.

Cavo eD running on AWS can change the economics of electronic discovery computing by allowing you to pay only for capacity that you actually use for only as long as you actually use it. Cavo eD combines the latest distributed open source technologies like Hadoop and Mongo with an auto-scaling database to provide all the power you need for your litigation.


Innovative pre-processing analytics are available due to data explosion of .PST and other container files allowing early data assessment prior to processing. This allows you to reduce the volume of documents to process, select processing priority, and greatly enhance processing speed.

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The faster you understand what information is available for you to prioritize and process, the faster you can understand the facts of the case. So starting at the first important step after gathering information, Cavo eD’s Rapid Data Explosion and Preprocessing Analytics provides unprecedented speed and Early Data Analysis (EDA).

EDA provides the user with the a complete overview of the data and gain insight into the data that can be used during the Meet and Confer to set boundaries on document productions. The more you know about your data, the better you can represent your clients.

Details and Benefits

Cavo eD includes an extremely fast and efficient Data Explosion tool that unpacks Zip, PST and other container files to allow powerful pre-processing analysis, filtering and culling to occur. Our explosion rates are 650 – 800 GB /hour depending on the density of the files. An exceptional Early Data Assessment tool, Data Explosion enables the user to examine the exploded files and related metadata to determine whether information can be filtered, culled, and categorized before processing. Metadata fields can be used to determine whether expected data is available and to assign processing priorities to move the document review onto a fast track. Tasks such as:

• Determining early on that critical custodians or date ranges are missing from the collection, is something that might not otherwise be identified until after data is processed.

• Analyzing the data down to the individual email to see whether the collection is complete.

• Users can set Processing priorities by selecting key custodians, date ranges, keywords in the metadata, document type or entire corporate entities if applicable.

• Developing an early understanding of the data in the corpus.

Data Explosion with culling analytics is the single most powerful tool that can be used to reduce the total volume of data to be processed and reviewed. Your Service Provider can provide assistance in using this tool to help you work with and get an early understanding of the data corpus.


Processing Plus+ includes not only basic document ingestion, but all phases of document processing including duplication identification, deNisting email threading and thematic content creation, all at a current speed of 57 GB per hour!

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Cavo eD Processing Plus+
When Cavo Legal quotes you a processing speed, we are quoting a true processing speed that includes all the needed steps in one pass to process the data and prepare it for Search and Review. Our definition of Processing Plus+ is all inclusive, including a full range of capabilities and customization to fit virtually any need. Our current processing rate is over 57 GB per hour, including load time into the Cavo eD platform, ready for Search, Analysis and Review by your team.

Our true distributed processing allows us to simultaneously spread the data processing among multiple servers. When used on the AWS cloud, the number of servers selected to process is a very cost effective way to handle the short term need for lots of machine horsepower.

Details and Benefits

Processing Plus + – We have achieved a processing speed of 57 GB per hour using raw data files from a major case. All steps are included in this speed rate: data loading, exploding PSTs and containers, customized deNist lists, deduplication, boilerplate data removal, email threading, theme capturing, OCR and documents loaded for first pass review or further analytics.

Deployment – Can be deployed on Amazon Web Services which is highly scalable and elastic, delivering exceptional performance at reasonable rates with no upfront hardware costs, including encryption and limited access using the AWS Virtual Private Cloud. Alternatively, should you chose, Cavo eD can also be deployed behind the firewall.

Rapid Data Explosion with Pre-Processing Analytics- Innovative pre-processing tools and data explosion allows users to perform early data assessment prior to processing, thus reducing the volume of documents to process and greatly enhance processing speed.

Cavo eD’s Processing Plus+ includes customizable settings

Thematic Document Capture – better than keywords, our algorithms capture and rank multiple themes in each document, creating a thematic fingerprint which easily searches and classifies documents by their thematic content.

Boilerplate – The “boilerplate template” option can be used to eliminate any language patterns that are unneeded such as standard disclaimer language that appears at the bottom of so many corporate email messages. By reducing the volume of false positive results, the search engine and users can then focus on truly relevant document content that may impact the case.

DeNist – Customizable lists to reduce unneeded data files from being processed.

DeDuplication – multiple Duplication identification options are included to provide fully customized options based on the needs of the litigation. Duplicates can be displayed during the review or hidden, based on need.

OCR – Full OCR for all documents without text.

Embedded Objects – Customize the maximum number and sizes of Embedded Objects to include in the searchable data, and whether to display them inline or as separate documents.

Hidden Data – System can display hidden data (e.g., white text, document changes, etc.) after Processing.

Culling Settings – Data can be culled by Type, Custodian, Size and Folder for exclusion or processing priority.



Cavo eD’s Thematic Search technology works like a magnet that can pull out the decisive documents lost in a giant haystack of data in just seconds. Our algorithms identify thematic content in each document automatically, with no human intervention during processing. This thematic “profile” of each document creates an intelligent Boolean query for search, resulting in refined document sets. A unique profile of each document is created using a combination of theme proximity and dominance within the document and can be filtered based on the themes’ location whether in the Title, text or media path. Our advanced Technology Assisted Review (TAR) tools that use Thematic Search include:


We don’t just ingest documents during processing; we fully analyze them and extract all information needed to provide more Intelligent Solutions from the start!

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The moment that processing is completed users can begin using powerful search options to quickly locate key documents and create an understanding of the case. The advantages of knowing more about a corpus fast can hardly be overstated. The outcome of a case can be heavily influenced by what gets decided in the Meet and Confer meeting. Going into this meeting extremely well-prepared means counsel will be able to better serve their client. Evaluating relevant evidence as quickly as possible is paramount. What do the key documents tell us? What facts are most helpful in our potential theories of the case? What are the strengths and weaknesses of case given this evidence?

This preliminary information may even influence the decision on how strong a case is and whether it should be settled. And an early understaffing of key issues means more time for counsel to develop and fine-tune its arguments and find the evidence that best supports these arguments. Cavo eD helps users gain these insights quickly.

Details and Benefits

As soon as the data finishes processing, it is available for examination. Based on your immediate needs any module can be used to produce instant results. Immediate options include:
• Parsing documents by custodian to determine priority for review.

• Scan the dominant themes of documents in the Grid.

• Read an automated summary of each documents most important sentences.

• Search for key themes using 4 different search options, including the powerful Similarity Search, which can even be used with synthetic documents as the pivot document.

• Create theme clusters to determine priorities for review.

• Use predictive coding to eliminate some data and prioritize other data.

• Single Integrated Platform with Full TAR Analytics.


Thematic search algorithms automatically identify each document’s dominant theme(s) and proximity ranking during processing which forms the backbone of Cavo eD’s Advanced Search capabilities.

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Similarity Search has been compared to using a magnet to pulling out the most relevant and important documents from a data collection. Using themes rather than keywords provides more accurate results. The thematic “fingerprints” of a document and document summaries captured during processing can be fine-tuned using automatic Boolean logic to reflect exactly what you are interested in examining. This can be achieved using a number of search options that are available to the user.

Best Practices dictates that one of the most efficient ways to speed review is by grouping similar documents. Similarity Search takes the power of themes and identifies groups of similar documents which allow reviewers to:

  • Identify key document sets
  • Quickly review documents that are in the same vein and tag them accordingly
  • Identify conversation threads
  • Speed up their review process

Details and Benefits

Intelligent Search Technology Reveals Hot Documents Quickly

  • Grid View– the system displays the most dominant themes in a collection of documents to allow quick selection of themes that merit further exploration.
  • Basic Thematic Search – reveals a document’s thematic profile, which includes the document’s most dominant themes with a measure of their dominance. The profile can be adjusted on the fly by the user to change the emphasis of the themes and this creates an automatic Boolean search to meet the new criteria.
  • Advanced Thematic Search – enlarges the scope the customizations allowed in a Basic Search and includes ways to adjust the logic of the search and allows custom keywords and phrases to be added to the search query.
  • Similarity Search – Takes the power of themes and identifies groups of similar documents which allow users to
    • Identify key or responsive document sets
    • Quickly review similar documents and tag them
    • Identify conversation threads
  • Synthetic Documents – can be added to the corpus to be used with Similarity Search to find documents that correspond precisely to what the team needs to prove their case.


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Visualizing a collection of documents over time can clarify complex relationships in documents.

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We produce multiple methods of mapping documents over time which can be modified by the user to improve the results. Document Mapping takes advantage of Cavo eD’s automated method for finding thematically similar documents. Engineers at Cavo Legal have developed a default method for using a document’s most dominant words and phrases to automatically construct a complex Boolean query to find documents with similar content. So when a Cavo eD user wishes to map all the documents with themes similar to an open document, they simply click on the Document Map button, and Cavo eD does the rest. The result is an X-Y axis plot of the results of the search. Time runs along the X-axis. The relevancy to the reference document is measured along the Y-axis. Now users can visualize when documents that appear in the Corpus are similar to the reference document.

Details and Benefits

Search Map visualizes the results of a search. It does not matter to Cavo eD what kind of search. The Search Map takes the results from the grid, and plots them by time period along the X-axis, and relevancy against the search criteria on the Y-axis. Grid Map plots the documents in a grid by time period and quantity per time period.

Metadata filtering and Theme Mapping are advanced features available with all three maps. Cavo eD users can use a dropdown list to select one or more of the “themes” contained in the documents in the map. Once selected, Cavo eD maps the documents that share these specific words and phrases. Then users can filter the map by the documents’ metadata.

Practical Application – assume you want to see what themes are shared by all document tagged as “Hot” belonging to two custodians in the month of July. Visually using the advanced mapping tools will immediately provide you with this information in an interactive format. The possibilities to easily parse information into useful displays are endless.


Email threading and visualizations of email communications is an effective way to determine key relationships between custodians and determine the who, what, when and why that reveal the relationships among persons of interest.

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Cavo eD’s advanced methods for visualizing how different parties of interest communicate via email lets the user know which parties were emailing who and when. Pointing the Visual Social Network feature at a corpus of documents will create a visual graph of all the relationships between email senders and receivers. Cavo eD users can place a primary person of interest at the “hub” of a social network. This Social Graphing feature can reveal previously unknown custodians of interest whose data need to be added to the collection of evidence.

Details and Benefits

Cavo eD users begin the process by loading the documents to be visualized into the document grid. Then selecting the Visual Social Network will reveal all the email sender and receiver names and their addresses. Selecting a primary person of interest as the “hub” of a social network and then selecting other persons of interest results in a visual display of all email communications in the group.

Additionally, Social Graph will create a visualization of everyone that a person of interest is communicating with in the database and all the cross communications between those group members. Users can easily call up any communication “pair” by clicking on the visual display itself and examining the documents that appear in the grid.

Metadata filtering and Theme Mapping are advanced features available with all three maps. Cavo eD users can use a dropdown list to select one or more of the “themes” contained in the documents in the map. Once selected, Cavo eD maps the documents that share these specific words and phrases. Then users can filter the map by the documents’ metadata.

Practical Application – assume you want to see what themes are shared by all document tagged as “Hot” belonging to two custodians in the month of July. Visually using the advanced mapping tools will immediately provide you with this information in an interactive format. The possibilities to easily parse information into useful displays are endless.



Automated Case Management with Business Intelligence Metrics provides unparalleled management oversight, budgeting, metrics, control and predictable costs.


Predictable costs should be the rule, not the exception. Transparency and accountability are needed to achieve this goal.

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Why is it so hard to predict the costs of eDiscovery? There are two main reasons: vendors do not provide clear and simple pricing models that clearly indicate all costs upfront before an engagement starts and second, it is difficult to track costs on a granular level to provide historical data moving forward.

Unpredictable costs occur when pricing is not transparent; platforms require additional software for things like analytics or review and when data must be moved between platforms to perform each function. This results in unexpected prices that can quickly impact a project budget. This makes it difficult for corporations and law firms to create project budgets that actually track the real costs of a project.

Cavo Legal understood this problem and built an eDiscovery platform that resolved this longstanding issue. Our pricing model is flexible, transparent and includes all the software needed throughout the eDiscovery process. So there are no unexpected costs in moving data from one platform to another, no need to purchase extra software to perform analytics and no need to process data multiple times to achieve deeper analysis. Additionally, our granular budgeting capabilities provide up to the minute reports on expenses to date, overall performance and return on investment.

Details and Benefits

Clear and simple pricing is what consumers should expect in the legal marketplace. By supplying your service provider with an approximate data volume and timing requirements, you will in return receive a clear pricing proposal that is accurate and allows you to budget for all things “data” in your case. Any external variables for increased data or consulting time requested by the client will be included in your proposal, so clients should never receive a surprise invoice for work that was not outlined.

Our pricing model is flexible and can adapt to the needs of the litigation and the end user. Prices can be provided on the basis of data volume, total project pricing or “All-in” pricing or on an enterprise user based model. Working with your Service Provider, you will determine the model that best fits your needs and requirements

The budgeting features that are built into Cavo eD allow for the creation of very accurate budgeting information. The more detailed the information that you enter regarding your project, the more accurate your budget will be. Cavo eD’s Budgeting system provides the user with the ultimate project control and access to complete metrics on every step of the electronic discovery workflow. Tracking project costs on a granular level, combined with built in tools to calculate risk and return on investment provides the ability to predict project costs with a high degree of accuracy.

The system tracks items and their costs for things such as:

• Reviewer statistics on speed, accuracy and progress

• Granular Budgeting assigned by Task create detailed budget forecasts and at case conclusion, accurate cost plans for future cases. Full Metric reporting provides detailed information on every facet of the case

• Cost updates that match case progression which allows pre-emptive action rather than reaction regarding costs and risks

• Command Center with permission granted tools allow case transparency to those who require it and are given access to it

• Building a library of granular project costs over time provides an accurate history to predict new project costs.


Granular data is summarized, measured and displayed for easy understanding of the financial performance of your project(s).

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The built in features of the dashboard provide a Case Administrator with a place to exercise central control over a full set of oversight tools to allow project and resource tracking from Pre-Processing through Production. Reporting on all phases of the case allows the administrator to assign or reassign personnel as needed to meet the needs of the case. An integrated communication and calendaring system makes task assignment easy.

Detailed Metrics – Full reporting with granular metrics provide continual information on all aspects of project.

Accurate Budget Forecasting – Tasks have budget projections compared against actual costs for accurate project costing and forecasting.

Complete Transparency – Central Command Center provides total access to the details and progress of all projects.

Details and Benefits

Predictable costs are critical for business decisions. Yet, for too many involved in litigation, the unpredictability of electronic discovery costs has long been a serious problem. Cavo Legal has developed advanced Case Management tools, integrated them throughout its eDiscovery platform, and then offers a module with granular budget forecasting and business intelligence to bring all this together. Predictable eDiscovery cost tools are part of the DNA of Cavo eD.

In order to create efficiency in task assignments, the Case Manager needs access to detailed case information and be able to issue a clear set of unified project conditions. Our Command Center Dashboard provides that control.

• Reporting tools supply up to the minute information on review status and performance.

• Internal communication allow the Administrators to provide information via Chat, calendar, forum, case update screens and even includes the ability to force reviewers to pass a “quiz” on new material before signing in for the day to assure staff understanding.

• Information on processing status, review status and tagging assignments all allow tight control over the progress of the case.

These financial measures show the actual performance of multiple Case Plans compared to budget. Users of the Budget Forecasting module can also open a specific Case Plan from the Dashboard. There they can see the granular detail of how the case is progressing versus budget, for both expected completion date and costs. The presentation of the Dashboard and the individual Case Plan financial information are completely customizable to meet the needs of the user.

The Business Intelligence module takes the Budget Forecasting module a step further by adding cash flow, revenue, and profit forecasting for both the client and the law firm or service provider.

In addition, users of the Business Intelligence module can estimate the value of a positive outcome to a case, and the likelihood of this outcome. Then, based on these estimates, the Business Intelligence module will calculate the Internal Rate of Return for a particular Case Plan. Users can then test different assumptions for Case Plans and case outcomes in order to make the best business decisions about case strategy.

Additionally, the Business Intelligence module enables a firm or litigation support provider to forecast their cash flow, revenues, and profits for different case plans. The Business Intelligence module can shed light on whether to keep a particular eDiscovery activity in-house or whether it should be outsourced to a vendor.


Workflow automatically routes documents to different folders and different users depending on the documents’ characteristics, in order to increase project efficiencies.

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In order to improve the often repetitive tasks that are part of all eDiscovery projects, Workflow has been designed to automate certain steps and improve project management. Once documents have been processed they can be routed automatically to different folders and/or reviewers based on a set of template criteria that can be customized by project managers.

Details and Benefits

How does automated document workflow benefit your staff and project?

  • Workflow processes can be designed by Case Administrators to automatically route documents to different folders and users. It should be implemented before the start of a review.
  • Workflow templates exist to move emails and documents to organizational folders to code them specific tags or assign them to various users.
  • Almost all metadata and tagging related criteria can be utilized to route documents to users or organizational folders.
  • Case managers can also set up a workflow to auto-tag documents based on meeting preselected criteria.
  • Automated Workflows add real value to your document handling, saving time and money.
  • Reviewers can right click on some key words in a document that they believe should automatically trigger a particular tag. Cavo eD will search for all those documents with those keywords and then automatically tag all the documents.


Technology Assisted Review is far more than Predictive Coding. In fact Technology Assisted Review tools are deployed at every stage of a project and nonlinear workflow design improves results.

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Cavo Legal firmly believes that today’s litigation requires three major and interrelated factors: Technology, Processes and People.

Details and Benefits

  1. Technology – the most inclusive technology platform employing the strongest analytic capabilities;
  2. Processes – Excellent automated processes to improve the handling of vast volumes of information and checklists to assure best practices;
  3. People – The most experienced litigation team members paired with integrated review team specialists working together to effectively identify potentially relevant documents.

With this hybrid in mind, we designed our platform to and algorithms to quickly provide information to help increase your knowledge of the corpus. Using powerful TAR tools such as Search, Visualization, Thematic Content and other parsing tools, in the order determined by the needs of the team and the ever changing conditions of litigation creates effective results.

The issues that are primary to a case are rarely all identified before the review team begins their work. Getting through the document population in the least amount of time may well be placing the emphasis on the wrong thing (time), and not on the discovery of evidence at hand (documents). Using other TAR tools to increase your knowledge will improve Predictive Coding and decrease the number of documents that ultimately need to be reviewed.


A video makes a powerful statement that the written word cannot always convey. These short videos display our knowledge and philosophy about eDiscovery.

“The Road Ahead”

George Witwer

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