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Cavo eD remembers Browning Marean




We all lost a great friend this past weekend when Browning Marean passed away. For the Cavo eD team it was both a professional and a personal loss. Cavo eD George Witwer had this reaction when given the news:

“For me personally, Browning was larger than life. He befriended me years ago, and coached me every step of the way of bringing Cavo eD to market. Browning’s legacy with Cavo eD was his challenge to our profession to rethink electronic discovery. During seminars he helped to lead, his legal genius, and his passion for his field, were self-evident. The education he provided so freely in these seminars pointed to new horizons in electronic discovery.”Browning Marean and Tom O’Connor

George also said ” While Browning impacted Cavo eD in this profound way, his impact on his friends and acquaintances in our profession was infinitely more, and infinitely more valuable. We are better people for having known Browning. We know by his example what it means to maintain the highest professionalism while being a trusted friend, caring and respectful to all, a personal coach, and just plain fun to be around.”

In closing, George shared the following. “Browning Marean and Tom O’ConnorBrowning’s life is the definition of a “life well lived.” He is smiling in a better place right now. May we all for the rest of our lives laugh with, and love and care for each other every day — and everyone we know and meet — as Browning showed us how.”

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