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Cavo eD announces Amazon Cloud Integration




Nashville, TN – August 18, 2014 – Cavo eD, the web-based, all-in-one electronic discovery platform, today announced that it has integrated its distributed architecture with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Electronic discovery professionals can now benefit from the security, hardware cost savings, global reach, and instant scalability, of Cavo eD running on Amazon’s Cloud.

Cavo eD is distinguished in the electronic discovery profession with its integrated, proprietary conceptual search, advanced project management, and all-in-one web interface. The software product can run behind the firewall, and be distributed over a network of servers.

With this announcement, Cavo eD now makes it simple to also run a case on the AWS Cloud. “We recognize that everyone in the electronic discovery industry is working hard to keep costs down,” said George Witwer, president of Cavo eD. “This announcement means that law firms, service providers, and enterprise customers can lower their infrastructure costs by paying by the hour for just the hardware they need. Scaling your litigation support hardware up and down in accordance with your needs, whatever they might be, can be done in minutes.”

Another benefit of using the Amazon Cloud is AWS’ high security standards. The Central Intelligence Agency recently chose AWS for a major Cloud project because of AWS’ security protocol. Cavo eD customers can now rely on Amazon’s security expertise to protect their sensitive discovery data.

“Amazon’s global reach means that Cavo eD customers will be able to spin up an installation of Cavo eD, completely ready for Processing, Review, Analysis, and Production, in all the major commercial centers of the world, including China and France where data typically cannot leave the country,” said Witwer. “The global launch of a case using Cavo eD takes only minutes and no longer than launching Cavo eD on AWS servers in the United States.”

The announcement of Cavo eD running on AWS is the latest highlight in the product’s history of technological advances. Those interested in learning more about Cavo eD can visit, or stop by Booth 435 on the Exhibit Floor of the International Legal Technology Association’s annual meeting this week.


For further information about Cavo eD, contact: Gayle O’Connor at 206-356-7688 or Cavo eD is a Humanizing Technologies, Inc. product.

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