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Cavo eD announces eDiscovery Processing at 57/GB per hour and Production Speeds at 80/pages per second




Cavo eD, the web-based, all-in-one electronic discovery platform, today announced that it has achieved fast processing and production speeds using its distributed web architecture on the Amazon cloud.
Indianapolis, IN (iNewswire) 1-28-2015 – Cavo eD completely processed raw data for a large case at a rate of 57 GB/ hour with all of Cavo eD’s standard steps included and loaded the documents for Review. Cavo eD’s standard steps include a total processing solution (see details below), not just a simple document ingestion. Cavo eD then produced these documents at a rate of 80 pages/second for PDFs and 72 pages/second for TIFFs. The Productions included Bates numbering, watermarks and stampings while achieving these speeds.
“These are great speeds,” stressed George Witwer, president of Cavo eD. “We took no short cuts to achieve these numbers. These are speeds our customers should expect to see during a live case.” Cavo eD calls its processing engine “Processing Plus+” because it is much more than just ingesting documents. It includes sophisticated data capture that accelerates document review, all in one integrated process.
Steps involved in Cavo eD’s Processing Plus + are: (1) explosion of PSTs and containers, (2) application of a customized deNist list, (3) OCR, (4) multiple customized deduplication methods, (5) indexing of keywords and metadata, (6) customized treatment of embedded objects, (7) removal of boilerplate data, (8) identification of themes that are then measured for dominance and indexed, (9) identification of each document’s summarizing sentences and their addition to the document’s metadata, and (10) document loading for ECA, First Pass Review, predictive coding or other analytics. Similarly, Cavo eD’s Production is full featured, including Bates numbering, custom watermarks, custom stampings and redactions.
Cavo eD is distinguished by its distributed web architecture that can run in the cloud or behind firewalls, proprietary theme search, all-in-one web interface, and business intelligence metrics with automated project management. With its prior announcement about the software running in the Cloud with its high security standards, Witwer added, “We recognize that everyone in the electronic discovery profession is working hard to keep costs down.” Today’s processing and production speed announcement is the latest highlight in the product’s history of technological advances and cost savings strategy.
Cavo eD has gathered a team of highly experienced legal practitioners working with visionary software designers to create a whole new approach to designing eDiscovery software solutions. Our philosophy is to develop tools that respond to the explosion of data and incorporating Early Case Assessment tools into the platform due to their ability to dramatically reduce the volume of data that gets ingested and reviewed. Our platform includes innovations in software technology, advanced search algorithms and Cloud architecture which come together to make possible a new vision of what eDiscovery can be. For further information about Cavo eD, contact: Gayle O’Connor at 206-356-7688, @gaylemoconnor or
Cavo eD is a Humanizing Technologies, Inc. product. We can be found @Cavo_eD, or

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