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eDiscovery: How Using Unique Similarity Search Finds Key Documents with Laser Like Accuracy

The Way eDiscovery Should be Done…



The Issue

The overall goal of every eDiscovery software tool is to find the documents that will prove the case that you are promoting in the least amount of time.  Best practices indicate that this requires grouping similar documents using whatever tools are available in the platform being used.  Most products attempt to do this using a basic keyword comparison.  While useful, you generally end up with piles of “similar” documents that turn out to be not so similar upon review and examination.  The document groupings contain too many documents to be truly useful in classifying documents.  Finding a better way to search through documents and find more meaningful relationships is imperative in an updated system.


Cavo eD has developed a Similarity Search engine that is highly accurate at finding the most relevant and important documents in a collection.  It has been compared to a magnet locating metal; latching onto only the most relevant documents with the least amount of effort.  Cavo researchers have developed a way to combine the themes of a reference document into a complex Boolean keyword query that finds documents with thematic similarity to the reference document.  With the pivot document of interest open in the Grid, Cavo eD users can launch a search for thematically similar documents by clicking the Similarity Search button on the ribbon bar which includes an adjustable measure to widen or narrow results with each iteration, which only takes seconds to execute.


Similarity Search is available at all times so Cavo eD users can find similar document in seconds based on any open document at any point in in their discovery workflow.  Whether it is just the beginning of review and analysis, or hours before a critical production, or anywhere in between, finding similar documents is seconds away.  Litigation support professionals and counsel know all too well how stressful a looming court date is when there is eDiscovery work still to be done.  When newly found evidence changes the argument of the case late in the game, this feature will find other support document instantly.

Similarity Search takes the power of themes and identifies groups of similar documents which allow reviewers to:

  • Identify key document sets
  • Quickly review the documents that are in the same thematic vein and tag them accordingly
  • Identify conversation threads
  • Speed up the review process.

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