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Are You Tracking These Important eDiscovery Metrics? With Cavo eD You Can Track These and More…

The Way eDiscovery Should be Done…..




An eDiscovery Data Metrics INFOGRAPHIC

It is critically important for law firms and eDiscovery professionals to consistently manage eDiscovery projects and reduce overall project expenditures.  In order to make informed decisions, data metrics that highlight costs and expenses across all of your cases must be examined.  Using the Cavo eD Predictive Control Business Intelligence dashboard system provides data at your fingertips so that informed business decisions get made.

Portfolio By Client – By EDRM Phases


At the Portfolio level, data is aggregated to provide insight into your overall eDiscovery performance by tracking: total eDiscovery spend across projects, spend on specific projects.


              folders       $$ Total Spend per Year        man


projeect-level               custodian-level

performance-stats                 business-stats

The more data you have, the better your business decisions become.  Budgeting and client reporting are growing requirements of successful client services.

Infographic brought to you by Cavo Legal © 2016.


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