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End User Software Customization- Cavo eD Created a Platform Within a Platform

The Way eDiscovery Should be Done…



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The Issue

With the growing complexity of eDiscovery comes increasing eDiscovery software functionality. Each new tool or analytic component adds complexity to software platforms that can make them complex to use and complicated for staff to implement. eDiscovery platforms often have hundreds of options to choose from for power users to get the most out of their data analysis. But most people are not power users and don’t have to know how to use every feature to get their jobs done, especially when it comes to review teams. The question is,  how can you have a single product that meets the needs of both power users and task specific users, limiting confusion while not sacrificing features?

Many of us who design eDiscovery software think that every new feature or analytic visualization is equally important and should be mastered by everybody that uses the software in order to achieve the highest benefit. The work flow of most organizations is more compartmentalized and time limitations often mean that people need to learn only as much as they need to know to accomplish certain tasks. The reality is that there are Project Administrators, Power Users, Senior Attorneys, Expert Witnesses and Review Staff that generally have a descending order of need regarding full feature sets.

There are many eDiscovery products that allow the Administrator to lock down permissions for certain people restricting access to only specific features of the product; usually defined by a user’s role in the organization. These permissions provide a level of assurance that certain users cannot create review sets, or change tags or perform searches and tag documents when they have not been trained on that functionality. But the features and buttons are still present although they are generally grayed out. They still take up a lot of real estate on the screen and make the product seem more confusing and less user friendly. People are innately curious and spend a lot of time trying to use or activate features that they do not need, losing valuable time on tight review schedules. Our goal was to provide a single powerful platform that was easy for users at any level and training to use effectively.

Cavo eD Advantage

Cavo eD allows the Project Administrator to not only lock users out of features, but allows them to remove entire modules from appearing on the Ribbon Bar. With each module or sub-feature set that is restricted and removed, the Ribbon Bar becomes more task oriented and focused, making it easier for people performing specific tasks to achieve their goals. The entire user interface becomes “simpler” and reveals only that which is needed.

The ability to restrict Review Staff access is generally even more important since they have a very narrow and focused job to do and are often not fully trained on an eDiscovery software package. Cavo eD created a special Review User set of restrictions. Note in the first video that all the features are available for an Administrator, all modules are available and the administrator has full access rights to the platform. The full power of the platform is available for use.

Limiting Features

Contrast that screen with the one we are now demonstrating for someone that only has review permissions and therefore requires limited training. Effectively, we have created a limited access program, within a full access program. For reviewers, we have created a Start button that is clicked on after signing in. The user interface opens automatically to the exact place in the file where the reviewer left off, displays the next document to review and all other documents assigned to that reviewer and opens up the tagging screen. The reviewer can begin reviewing documents within seconds of signing in, wasting no time to “set up” the window the way they like (since customized settings are part of the start button). And perhaps more importantly, the Start button limits the features displayed on the screen needed for review, resulting in an extremely clean interface.

The Way eDiscovery Should be Done…

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