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Built-In Communications Dashboard Improves Project Management- Part 3

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This is Part 3 of a video blog that discusses the role a detailed communication dashboard can have on eDiscovery project management.  Please see Video Blog 32, Built-In Communications Dashboard Improves Project Management for the preliminary discussion. Given the complexity of eDiscovery projects, maintaining project control with a central Dashboard communication system is an important way to more easily control all aspects of a project.

As mentioned in Video Blog 33, Cavo eD’s project management system contains 13 inter-related tools to facilitate this process.  In part 3 of this video blog, I am covering the Forum, Messages, Gannt Chart and Resources Load Tabs as part of the Communication Dashboard


The forum facilitates easy interaction with the case team.  It is essentially an electronic bulletin board to post important information and questions.  Individuals can create and edit their own posts, while edits can only be made by the original person that posts the message.  The messages and the replies are nested under the original post.  They are accessed by clicking on the Plus sign in the left margin.  Users can filter and sort on any column to find similar topics, track specific reviewers’ posts or identify the most active threads.


Best Practice Tips for Administrators

  1. Encourage users to constantly visit the Forum page to stay updated.
  2. Use the Forum to guide discussions on issues that are relevant to the entire team.
    1. The topics should be instructional for clarification.  Administrators should use Review instruction updates for wholesale changes in process, policy or strategy.


The message center is used to provide a centralized email-like communications regarding important case matters.  If provided during user set-up, the system communicates with external email addresses without leaving the platform.  However,in order to be tracked by Cavo eD, responsive messages must be made within the system.

Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart is a visualization tool used by the Project Administrator to assist in tracking the progress of the project.  It displays start and finish dates of various Task Elements to show which tasks can overlap according to the task definition and also which tasks need to be completed before the next task can commence.  It is a quick snapshot that displays the information entered in the Process Checklist.  An example appears below.


Resource Load

The Resource Load chart provides the administrator with an interactive snapshot in project tracking and staff allocation and management.  It displays the estimated allocations per team member (resource) and shows when they should be available for reassignment or temporary assignment to resolve problem areas. It also allows you to create new assignments matching availability of team members.  Hovering over an entry provides the full details of the assignment.


My Folders

This is another way for the administrator to create specific review sets in a specific folder.

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