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Dustin Senneker

Client Services

“I work with Cavo because I am passionate about incorporating the use of technology into the practice of law. As an attorney and former eDiscovery consultant: I leverage my litigation experience, technical expertise and management skills to implement innovative ideas and creative solutions to support our client’s objectives.”

For over eight years Dustin has specialized in eDiscovery. In that time he has participated with every stage of the eDiscovery process; from identification and preservation strategies to the review and production of electronically stored information. He has a wide variety of experience mostly in technologically sophisticated environments including eDiscovery vendors, law firms and consulting with corporate clients.

Dustin also has six years of experience in project management applying his knowledge of litigation support and technology to bridge the gap between his clients’ specific requirements and the law firm’s production and technical resources to ensure work is done to client satisfaction and the law firm’s standards. He has led the eDiscovery efforts of several concurrent multimillion dollar lawsuits from inception to conclusion. This work involved everything from developing processes concerning the project objectives, scope and work plan to the management and tracking of large legal review teams. His ability to interact with clients; develop a strong relationship and manage their expectations with customized solutions throughout the life of a project demonstrates his high level of commitment to client success.

Dustin’s commitment to technology is evidenced in his extensive experience on multiple platforms for hosting and review including earning several certifications confirming his skill in employing predictive coding, advanced search techniques and proper training methodology. He has employed Technology Assisted Review (TAR) workflows including the use of advanced analytics and predictive coding to reduce the data collections.

Dustin lives outside Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife and two children. Weekends you will find Dustin on the golf course or playing board games with his friends and family.