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Jeffrey Parkhurst

Product Manager / Busines Development

“I work with Cavo Legal because they have a clear vision on how eDiscovery should be performed in today’s Big Data environment. We are constantly developing new innovative solutions for the ever changing litigation market to provide cost-effective solutions for clients.”

Jeff’s 30 years of experience in litigation support, project management and software development has taken place in a variety of positions. He has worked with numerous State and Federal court systems, Antitrust Bureaus and law practices on the development and implementation of electronic filing requirements and the federal rules of civil procedure. Jeff’s in-depth knowledge has led to his consulting in numerous multistate litigation matters providing discovery advice and implementing document procedures to teams of attorneys. He is one of the country’s experts in the development and creation of hyperlinked documents for delivery to the courts.

Jeff has been involved in the development of several software applications in the legal industry including hyperlinked technology with transcripts and briefs, advanced OCR implementation and eDiscovery platform development. His career has been a continual search for improved litigation tools and a group of people that focus on problem solving and comprehensive solutions. At Cavo eD, my focus has been on creating the right synergy of people, processes and platform to assure compliance with Best Practices in eDiscovery in this era of Big Data.

After working with clients all week, I look forward to seeing you in the back bowls of any mountain in the Sierras or the Rockies and then finishing the day with a perfectly poured craft cocktail using the freshest ingredients.