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History of Cavo eD

We have over a decade of experience in the areas of Search algorithms which have been applied to Cavo eD

George Witwer founded Humanizing Technologies, Inc. in 2000 with some ideas on how to deliver relevant content to a user out of a sea of irrelevant information. These ideas led the company to discovering Thematic Search in 2002. The discovery made changes to a neural network algorithm that allowed it to scale and work without human intervention. The value of this new algorithm increased in direction proportion to the amount of text that it searched. So in 2006 the company decided to build a scalable search platform using distributed web architecture that indexed themes as well as keywords during data processing. The search platform took until the fall of 2014 to reach the point of commercial readiness for searching very large data sets. During that period, the company decided that the first commercial product to use this platform would be an electronic discovery product. After talking with leaders in the profession beginning in 2009, the design for Cavo eD was born. While waiting for the search platform to be completed, Cavo Legal continued to enhance its feature set and benefits to become the market-leading product that it is today.