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All In One Pricing


Electronic discovery tools have generally specialized in a particular stage of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). As a result, professionals tasked with completing the entire electronic discovery workflow must use multiple tools to complete Pre-Processing, Processing, Early Case Assessment, Analysis, TAR, Review and Production. Each tool has had its own way of pricing, making predictable costs difficult. Moreover, the time and risk associated with moving data from tool to tool injects another element of cost uncertainty.

Cavo eD’s End-to-End Platform was built to solve this problem. We wanted to provide our customers with a way to load data once, and not have to touch it again until it is deleted from the system. The result? One tool. Lower labor costs. Lower risks. And the ability of Cavo Legal to provide you with simple, predictable pricing for the entire lifecycle of your electronic discovery work.

Details and Benefits

Electronic discovery tools can be priced any number of ways. Features can be turned on and off, depending on pricing plans. Pricing can be per GB, per user, per produced page, a hosting fee priced various ways, an annual or multi-year contract, an enterprise license, and so on. Each of these methods can be combined to create a unique pricing package that is difficult to match using other products. Moreover, when multiple tools are involved in a case, the predictability of costs often suffers.

Cavo Legal set out to solve this problem by including in one platform all the tools needed for successful outcomes in even the largest, most complex, and most difficult cases. Cavo eD is truly “the complete electronic discovery toolbox.”

Because Cavo eD is an “All-in-One” platform, we can offer “All-in-One” pricing. After you see a demonstration of Cavo eD, we will be glad to discuss how this pricing works. You will be able to calculate your electronic discovery software costs on the back of an envelope. And Cavo eD’s pricing is flexible enough to match up with your preferred pricing method.

Cavo eD’s “All-in-One” platform and simple pricing is essential to predictable costs.

To begin with, its “All-in-One” platform eliminates the unnecessary steps in typical electronic discovery workflows that introduce unexpected delays, “do-overs”, mistakes, and risks. Eliminating these steps and automating others is one way that Cavo eD delivers predictable costs.

A second way Cavo Legal delivers predictable costs is its use of granular checklists with automated Project Management, so litigation support professionals know immediately when a scheduled task has not been completed, or cost different budget. This information flows into the Cavo eD Business Intelligence module, so case managers know exactly what the costs of a case are day to day, giving them the opportunity for immediate course corrections. That way, small issues stay small, and costs remain on budget. No more finding out at the end of major task that some essential step went undone at the beginning, so that the entire task has to be redone.

Cavo eD’s simple “All-in-One” pricing is a third way Cavo Legal makes costs predictable. When a case involves multiple products using different pricing models, predicting software and services costs accurately can be challenging. That is a problem you will not see when using Cavo eD’s “All-in-One” pricing.