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Cloud Computing

The Way eDiscovery Should be Done….

What Does Analytics Really Mean in eDiscovery and How Does it Help Lawyers Do Their Job

    Analytics is a term that has been thrown about in the legal industry for the last several years, yet I find that many attorneys aren’t really sure what it is or how it applies to their work.  Let’s start with a straight definition from Webster’s dictionary…  “of or relating to analysis, separating something […]

Improving eDiscovery Cost Recovery at Law Firms

Unfortunately, cost recovery efforts are far from over after you implement software recovery platforms like nQueue, QuickView Plus, PowerInvoice or Tabs3 to name a few that are on the market.  In fact, these platforms  really only cover certain “standard” cost areas such as: online legal research costs, out of plan charges, document retrieval (dockets, briefs, […]

eDiscovery Tagging Rules Can Eliminate Document Tagging Conflicts

    Intro As much as senior staff wants to get started immediately with a document review, it is worth the time at the front end of a project to set up a case properly.  The time spent before document review work begins will pay dividends throughout the course of the review project.  The creation […]

Database Sampling Can Accelerate eDiscovery Knowledge

      Intro Mathematical sampling is a very strong tool to gain a solid representational understanding of a large set of documents.  (This is not to be confused with Predictive Coding which will be covered in a future Blog).  While it sounds advanced and can be difficult to deploy correctly, it can easily assist […]

Intelligent Search™”as an ECA Tool and Why it Should be Used by Your Litigation Team

The Issue This is the second part in a series of blogs on Day One Hour One Analytics that improve the results of Early Case Assessment.   The focus of this blog will be on one of the fundamental features of TAR, search technology.  Improving both the implementation and effectiveness of TAR tools are areas on […]

Using Elastic Stack Technology from Amazon Adds Powerful, Yet Cost Effective Servers

  The Issue In addition to the savings in basic infrastructure costs and increased security that the AWS Cloud offers users that have been discussed in other blogs, an additional benefit exists when harnessing the full power of the Cloud, called elasticity.  Elasticity is basically defined as the ability of a system to increase the […]

Security in the AWS Cloud Far Exceeds Most Law Firm Standards…Reduce Costs and Improve Services to Your Clients

The Issue Security of information, particularly client information is important to everyone.  But in reality, this is not a full time business for most law firms and service providers.  Internal IT departments rarely have the resources that would be needed to constantly maintain the highest levels of computer and data security.  In reality, security is […]

Move your eDiscovery to the Amazon Cloud…Reduce Costs, Save Time and Keep Data Secure… The Future is Now

The Issue The rising cost of owning and maintaining server capacity has forced many firms to look closely at the long held belief that computer infrastructure should always be controlled from within.  Many firms are looking at the math and concluding that these costs are very high and very difficult to recover from clients.  Most […]