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Are You Tracking These Important eDiscovery Metrics? With Cavo eD You Can Track These and More…

  An eDiscovery Data Metrics INFOGRAPHIC It is critically important for law firms and eDiscovery professionals to consistently manage eDiscovery projects and reduce overall project expenditures.  In order to make informed decisions, data metrics that highlight costs and expenses across all of your cases must be examined.  Using the Cavo eD Predictive Control Business Intelligence […]

Defensible Custodian Self-Collection is Possible, But it is Not Easy

    Many corporate counsels repeatedly express concern that eDiscovery identification, collection and preservation are extremely costly, time consuming and overly burdensome.  And to add to these concerns that courts continue to issue punitive sanctions for improperly executed ESI preservation. Is self collection the answer?  Given that the volume of ESI continues to expand, alternative approaches […]

What is the New EU-US Privacy Shield?

    The new EU-US Privacy Shield laws clearly do not apply to all cases involving eDiscovery in today’s litigation.  However, with growing internationalization of even moderately sized companies, it is something that every lawyer needs to know about, even if it is just enough to know when you need an expert to consult on […]

No, There is No Legal Requirement that You Read Every Document

Intro There are still many lawyers who believe that they are not doing their job if they don’t read every email, document, spreadsheet, video and all other ESI that gets produced during discovery.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Courts are pushing the idea that you need to use technology to help you get to […]

Action Wizards in eDiscovery Platforms Improve Productivity

          Full featured eDiscovery platforms are filled with options and choices to provide the widest variety of utility for users.   This same complexity and “completeness” can make them hard to use effectively.  No one uses all features that are available on every eDiscovery matter.  Some features are used rarely, while others […]

What Does Analytics Really Mean in eDiscovery and How Does it Help Lawyers Do Their Job

    Analytics is a term that has been thrown about in the legal industry for the last several years, yet I find that many attorneys aren’t really sure what it is or how it applies to their work.  Let’s start with a straight definition from Webster’s dictionary…  “of or relating to analysis, separating something […]

How to Avoid Fallout Regarding Data Preservation: Plan, Employ and Deploy Defensible eDiscovery Processes.

    The problem of data that has been preserved unnecessarily “data preservation”coming back to hurt people and corporations has been occurring since I first got interested in politics, back in 1977 with Richard Nixon and his famous audio tapes and the missing 18 minute gap.  It used to be tape recordings and documents, now […]

Using Technology to Reduce Review Costs May Soon Be a Requirement to Recover Fees

      There are lots of reasons to embrace technology during litigation and document review; accuracy, efficiency and client satisfaction rank among the top reasons.  One that must now be added to the list and is generally overlooked by lawyers is the impact that technology may have on court approved fees for work performed […]

Grid View Flexibility Improves eDiscovery Productivity

        As we have shown in the first 2 parts of this video blog, (Part 1 and Part 2) having a flexible and powerful document display or “Grid View” that displays all your summary information in an easy to read presentation is important to the efficiency of a document review.  The Grid […]

Improving eDiscovery Cost Recovery at Law Firms

Unfortunately, cost recovery efforts are far from over after you implement software recovery platforms like nQueue, QuickView Plus, PowerInvoice or Tabs3 to name a few that are on the market.  In fact, these platforms  really only cover certain “standard” cost areas such as: online legal research costs, out of plan charges, document retrieval (dockets, briefs, […]