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Meet and Confer

The Way eDiscovery Should be Done…

Early Planning of eDiscovery Data Gathering – Technology Improves Efficiency and Case Knowledge

  Technology is just another tool to be used by lawyers.  But it is an extremely important and valuable tool when joined with People and Processes to form a cohesive strategy.  People, Processes and Technology are all equal players in eDiscovery.  Like all other tools however, technology must be deployed in a timely manner and […]

What Makes a “Successful” Meet and Confer– Rule 26(f)

    Everyone involved in discovery has read the FRCP at least once, but the question is how much of the detail has driven decisions that get made every day by litigators? Rule 26(f) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure requires attorneys to participate in a conference to discuss, among other things, a discovery […]

Action Wizards in eDiscovery Platforms Improve Productivity

          Full featured eDiscovery platforms are filled with options and choices to provide the widest variety of utility for users.   This same complexity and “completeness” can make them hard to use effectively.  No one uses all features that are available on every eDiscovery matter.  Some features are used rarely, while others […]

What is Needed to Make eDiscovery Work in Your Favor? Skills and Principles to Consider

As a non-attorney in a field dominated by lawyers, I have had to work extra hard to have a voice in the legal industry.  An early focus on discovery rules and principles that was then adapted to the “new” field of eDiscovery has provided me with a level of expertise that allows me to speak […]

Early Case Assessment is Improved When Lawyering is Moved Further Upstream: It Improves the Meet and Confer

Hi, Jeff Parkhurst again, from Cavo Legal here to talk to you today about the advantages of moving lawyering “Upstream” in the Early Case Assessment process. The Issue Times have changed; data has grown more complicated and voluminous and judges are beginning to enforce the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, particularly 26(f) regarding the expectations […]

Discovery on Discovery – The Current Standards According to the Southern District of New York

I try to stay abreast of important rulings as they occur, but this one slipped under my radar.  Nonetheless, I think it is worthwhile to review since it is really a fundamental issue that should be handled during the Meet and Confer.  Since that was part of a topic during a recent webinar we conducted […]

Skills Every eDiscovery Project Manager Needs to Stay Relevant and Excel

Rather than launch into a series of metaphors about the leadership skills that make a successful sports team and how they are similar to what an eDiscovery Project Manager needs, I am going to treat the job characteristics of Project Manager for what it is.  It is a specialized profession that requires very specific skills.  […]

What Will 2015 Likely Mean for eDiscovery? – Some Things to Watch For

Given that the law generally moves at a constant rate of speed, far too slowly for this technology specialist, I am not predicting any radical changes in either eDiscovery Tools or adoption rates of existing technology. But since adoption is on a continuum, certain things will begin to pick up momentum since they are no […]

Best Practices for eDiscovery Document Format – Define it Early

I often talk about the need for lawyers to understand the Rules of Civil Procedure and how to use them to their fullest advantage and understand what committing to certain procedures may mean in the future. In preparing for the Meet and Confer, it is wise to bring along your technical staff so that a […]

Use Technology to Set Your Law Firm Apart from the Pack

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, law firms are constantly looking for ways to set themselves apart from the competition in order to attract and retain clients as well a operate more efficiently.  Clearly the quality and experience of the legal staff is of paramount importance to potential clients, but what else can a firm do […]