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Data Secure Cloud Solution

The Most Secure Place on the Planet to Host eDiscovery: Using Virtual Private Cloud from Amazon Web Services

Cavo Legal originally selected the AWS cloud for the delivery system because of the way that users could cost effectively scale to quickly add servers for heavy processing and production needs and drop back server allocations during long periods of analysis and review. With data security being a major concern of the industry, we have decided to offer Cavo eD in the most secure place available to the marketplace today, the AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). (For a full description of the VPC, see the whitepaper under Resources/Whitepapers).

The following security considerations form the backbone of AWS Virtual Private Cloud, contributing to the unprecedented security of data in the cloud.

  • Hardware sub-nets with limited ports for entry – Combines public facing hardware with a hardware sub-net isolated form the Internet with limited, defined ports of entry.
  • Isolated servers – Servers are isolated in virtual networks with limited access points
  • Dedicated servers – Dedicated servers are allocated to individual clients and cases with security that limits access to the data.
  • Multi-factor authentication – System requires multiple independent factors to gain access to the servers
  • Encryption controlled by AWS – All the data hosted on the system is encrypted suing AWS encryption keys that are controlled by Amazon and not any external source.
  • Top level data destruction policies – AWS follows the Department of Defense 5015 standards for data deletion on decommissioned hard drives, zeroing out all data points.
  • Stack Access – Access to the physical location of the VPC is limited to top level AWS employees with security clearance and multiple sign in procedures.