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Visual Answers To Your eDiscovery Questions

eDiscovery processes can be complicated and consist of a large number of steps that must be followed.  Keeping abreast of rule changes and technology advantages can be a time consuming job.  Learning how to use well designed software tools to improve your eDiscovery procedures can effectively change the way you conduct business.  These videos tackle everyday problems encountered by eDiscovery professionals and offer solutions based on using the best software technology to solve problems that everyone encounters.  Certain topics may be covered in the company Blog, without a video feature. While software will never replace judgments by attorneys, the correct software tools can improve the efficiency of any litigation team.

The goal of these videos is to provide information to eDiscovery professionals that will allow them to improve job performance every day.  The following broad topics will be covered by very specific video presentations.

·         eDiscovery Costs Can be Predictable – use of Best Practices checklists can guide the entire cycle of litigation and assure defensible processes.  Checklists contain granular tasks that flow through the entire eDiscovery process,  with cost information that leads to predictable budgets and forecasting.

·         Unified eDiscovery Platforms are Better –  improves the efficiency of the document review team.  Non- linear functionality allows users to approach litigation under real world conditions encountered every day.

·         Automated Document Workflows Reduce Costs – using the power of a unified platform, documents can be routed to different folders and different users, depending on the documents’ characteristics. Workflows can also be set up to auto-tag documents or move them directly to review.

·         Powerful New Search Algorithms Improve Results – exploring how new thematic search capture is a real improvement over traditional keyword search and how systems with automated Boolean creation tools improves efficiency.

·         Advanced Processing Shortens Time to Review – the advantages of one pass processing reduce the total time needed to examine data moving forward.  Flexible processing options allow customization that fits the parameters of each case.

The videos will cover specific areas of improving eDiscovery execution such as: deduplication options, predictable eDiscovery costs, data collection, Best Practices in eDiscovery, automated workflow processes, improved document tagging options, why theme capture is more effective than keywords and results in better search results,  how flexible document display grids increase database knowledge, use of synthetic documents to improve search results, the cost advantages of  deploying eDiscovery  software in the Cloud,  use of pre-processing culling tools to reduce volume of data, how to effectively deploy synonym tools for searching , and how increased Early Case Assessment tools can reduce overall document review costs.

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