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Budget Forecasting

Accurate budget forecasting and advanced business intelligence are imperative in today’s litigation.
Cavo eD provides the tools you need to accurately control your litigation spend.

Case Plan

Case Plans are a Process Checklist Integrated with a Budget Forecast

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Case Plans are the hinge between the Cavo eDiscovery platform and the Business Intelligence module.


Details and Benefits

A Case Plan is a Process Checklist combined with its Budget Forecast. Case Plans can be saved in a Case Plan library to be used over and over again. When a case is finished, the actual cost and time for each Task can be compared to previous Case Plans using the same Process Checklist. This comparison can give greater insight on how to forecast the cost and time of a Project the next time the Process Checklist is used.

When a Case Plan is married to a live case in Cavo eD, the Tasks of its Process Checklist automatically flow into the Calendars of their owners. From that point on, Cavo eD will automatically send out Task Alerts, time stamp when a Task was started and finished and calculate the true time and costs of the Task in comparison to the budgeted time and costs

All this information flows back into the Budget Forecasting module, where Case Managers and clients can see real-time updates on how the actual costs of a case are tracking against the budgeted costs. Intervention as needed can happen immediately when a problem begins to emerge, rather than after it is too late to do anything about it.

Business Intelligence

The Budget Forecasting Module Takes the Next Step with Business Intelligence

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The Business Intelligence module takes the Budget Forecasting module a step further by adding cash flow, revenue, and profit forecasting for both the client and the law firm or service provider.


Details and Benefits

Users of the Business Intelligence module can estimate the value of a positive outcome to a case, and the likelihood of this outcome. Then, based on these estimates, the Business Intelligence module will calculate the Internal Rate of Return for a particular Case Plan. Users can then test different assumptions for Case Plans and case outcomes in order to make the best business decisions about case strategy.

Likewise, the Business Intelligence module enables a firm or litigation support provider to forecast their cash flow, revenues, and profits for different case plans. The Business Intelligence module can shed light on whether to keep a particular eDiscovery activity in-house or whether it should be outsourced to a vendor.

The Business Intelligence Dashboard is a central control point that allows a firm or service provider to see both an aggregated view of multiple matters or allow the user to drill down to the granular details of a specific case. Things such as costs vs. budget, profitability and deadline status can be instantly accessed.