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Deployment Options

The Cavo eD platform can be deployed behind the firewall OR on Public or Private Clouds. Your choice.

Deployment Options

Automation and Innovation Reduce Time and Risk in Cavo eD Productions

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The web architecture has been designed to be completely flexible and cloud based. It can be used on the AWS Cloud, a private cloud or behind your firewall.


Details and Benefits

It was designed to take advantage of the AWS Cloud and its Virtual Private Cloud, which is highly scalable and elastic, delivering exceptional performance at reasonable rates with no upfront hardware costs and unprecedented security, with full encryption and double authentication. Cavo eD runs in isolation inside a secure AWS datacenter, protected by four additional high security measures.

  • Combines public-facing hardware with a hardware sub-net isolated for the Internet.
  • Dedicated Server means only the data under Users control exists on that hardware
  • Multi-factor authentication requires multiple independent factors to gain access to the data
  • Encryption controlled by AWS as the sole possessor of the encryption key.

Alternatively, should you choose, Cavo eD can also be deployed behind your firewall to be in the complete control of your organization.