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Production templates and distributed production functionality streamlines the production process and allows deadlines to be easily met.

Advanced Automation

Automation and Innovation Reduce Time and Risk in Cavo eD Productions

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Creating Standard Production templates, with powerful options to customize productions improves output. Using distributed processes allows Cavo eD to produce documents at rates in excess of 70 pages/second, in either Tiff or PDF format.

Details and Benefits

Cavo Legal’s engineers wanted to make Productions much easier and less risky. So an easy-to-follow user interface design was developed to create Standard Production Templates. When it comes time to Produce, these templates save Cavo eD users time and effort. Using pre-formatted templates reduce risk, because it is so easy to make a Production set-up mistake when it is late at night and time is short to get a Production out the door.

Similar to our Distributed Processing capabilities, the Production module is a distributed operation as well. Since we are not restricted by a need for a single thread to produce documents, our production rates for Tiff and PDF, with full customization for appearance and inclusion of stamps, exceeds 70 pages per second. Productions are no longer a major factor in determining delivery schedules