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Case Management

Effectively managing large cases requires updated technology.


Large cases, especially those involving many terabytes of data, pose challenges in keeping costs under control while meeting your electronic discovery objectives on time. Cavo eD’s distributed web architecture and Technology Assisted Review (TAR) tools tame these “Big Data” challenges.

Details and Benefits

We use the latest in distributed web architecture that can be deployed behind your firewall or in the cloud on Amazon Web Services for unmatched security scalability, flexibility, economy and global reach.

Because Cavo eD has achieved linear scalability for processing, the power of many processors can be harnessed to handle large data collections with ease. The richly featured Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service combined with Cavo Legal’s innovative architecture enables users to quickly and easily scale computing resources (up or down) to meet their specific requirements through an easy-to-use Cavo eD web interface.

Cavo eD running on AWS can change the economics of electronic discovery computing by allowing you to pay only for capacity that you actually use for only as long as you actually use it. Cavo Legal combines the latest distributed open source technologies like Hadoop and Mongo with an auto-scaling database to provide all the power you need for your litigation.

The integration of TAR tools that are available throughout the flexible user interface means that the tools can be utilized whenever they are needed. Including these tools in the platform means that data does not need to be moved from one software platform to another to perform a function. We provide complete processing needs (Processing Plus+) at the beginning of a project to assure that everything that might be needed is available at the beginning of the case.