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In-House Control

Bringing project control in house with metrics and Business Intelligence.


The ultimate in electronic discovery quality and cost control is bringing it in-house. But how do you manage the complexity? Cavo Legal’s end-to-end platform with automated project management and business intelligence metrics solves the problem.

Details and Benefits

Directly Control Cost vs. Risk Decisions with a Business Intelligence Dashboard

• Detailed Metrics – Full reporting with granular metrics provide continual information on all aspects of project.
• Accurate Budget Forecasting – Tasks have budget projections compared against actual costs for accurate project costing and forecasting.
• Complete Transparency – Central Command Center provides total access to the details and progress of all projects.

Integrated Checklists Ensure Best Practices and Automated Documentation

Cavo eD’s library of Best Practice Process Checklists can be customized to each case to reflect the specific nature of the litigation workflow. No planning or execution details are lost due to the fast pace of a case. Uses can easily assign budget costs to tasks to forecast and track budgets with great granularity. Real-time PDF reports can be created that track all the activities in a Process Checklist that detail every stage of the process and provide definitive proof of implemented procedures
It is easy to follow Best Practices and apply accurate forecasting when:

• Completely customizable Master Process Checklists drive good decision-making
• All planning and execution details are maintained within the system as decisions get made, not retroactively when memories are unclear on process
• All tasks can have budgeted costs as well as actual costs attached to them which provide continual snapshots of budget projections
• Built in communication systems keep all staff up to date on all decisions and create consistent work product.
• Upon case completion, budgeted costs vs. actual costs can be analyzed for accuracy and client billing, creating Case Plans and budgets for future use.

At any point in the process, the Master Checklist steps can be produced with the click of a mouse to validate your internal processes.