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Lower Review Cost

Review costs can be lowered by using the correct technology.


Computers will never completely replace attorneys. But Cavo eD’s Technology Assisted Review (TAR) tools will reduce the number of documents that attorneys need to review. That’s a great way to reduce Review costs.

Details and Benefits

An intuitive Ribbon Bar navigates a single user interface from Pre-Processing all the way through Production. The platform is completely flexible and allows multi-dimensional and non-linear workflows to adjust to the day to day changes in litigation. The user can pick and choose any of the analytics, visualization and TAR tools at any time that are built into the platform to accomplish their goal. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, eDiscovery workflows and Tar Tools used for Pre-processing, Processing, ECA, Search, Predictive Coding, Review, Analysis and Production – naturally interconnect.
In practice, these connections are often multidimensional and non-linear.

• Both Processing and Production often require analytics, they are available throughout the platform
• First pass review might result in further document pre-processing and processing selection
• Further parsing of documents into subcategories after reviews start often speeds up review times. Reviewers can filter documents by whatever criteria makes sense to speed their review.
• Ingesting a “synthetic document” several weeks after preliminary document review has been completed may result in the identification of documents previously not found through Search alone
• We believe that Predictive Coding is just one of many TAR tools, not a total eDiscovery solution. Our Enhanced Predictive Coding can be used at any point in the review, in conjunction with our advanced search and visualization tools to better identify documents. Cavo eD allows users to employ three different predictive coding similarity measures, since different similarity measures work better with different collections.

Being able to utilize any of the tools at any time in the process strengthens the user’s ability to be responsive to the current needs of the case and locate the missing pieces. Since Cavo eD is one product running on one platform with one user interface for all tasks, it increases productivity while reducing risk and improving quality control.