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Team Oversight

Metrics dashboard allows control over multiple matters.


When serial litigators are charged with the oversight of dozens of litigation support teams, they need Cavo eD’s Metrics Dashboard.

Details and Benefits

Our Command Center Dashboard provides users with a single location to access and monitor every detail about a single project or multiple projects.

• Reporting tools supply up to the minute information on review status, progress and performance
• Internal communication allow the Administrators to provide information via Chat, calendar, forum, case update screens and even includes the ability to force reviewers to pass a “quiz” on new material before signing in for the day to assure staff understanding
• Information on processing status, review status and tagging assignments all allow tight control over the progress of the case

The Business Intelligence dashboard integrates with our Process Checklists to provide Case Plans which produce further financial tracking that goes beyond simple project metrics and performance. It provides the Project Manager and partners with complete metrics on cash flow, revenue, and profit forecasting for from multiple perspectives; including client, law firm or service providers. There are also built in financial calculators to help determine the value of a case and the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Based on these estimates, the Business Intelligence module will also calculate the Internal Rate of Return for a particular Case Plan. Users can then test different assumptions for Case Plans and case outcomes in order to make the best business decisions about case strategy and staff allocation. Business Intelligence includes a complete budget forecasting system allows the users to track all costs, profits, return on investment and other financial details that is tied directly into current case metrics.