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Best Practices

Information on the current Best Practices, research and policy issues that surround eDiscovery, managing electronic information, and how the courts currently view disputes, all provide a roadmap for success.

Sedona Conference

A leader in research and policy making in the world of eDiscovery. This is a non-profit organization devoted to innovation in antitrust law, complex litigation and intellectual property law. They have devoted substantial resources to the establishment of Best Practices in eDiscovery. Make sure to examine one of their keynote resources, The Sedona Principles.


Managing Discovery of Electronic Information: A Pocket Guide for Judges

This pocket guide has been reorganized into a question and answer format, which should assist judges and counsel should find useful in meeting the challenges presented by the Discovery of ESI. Its fundamental message is that Judges should actively manage cases that involve ESI through early intervention and sustained supervision.


eDiscovery for Small Cases

For firms with limited technology budgets, or cases with small amounts of electronically stored information (ESI), e-discovery can be challenging. Electronic Discovery for Small Cases offers effective, budget-friendly solutions for collecting, viewing, and analyzing electronic evidence that will benefit any litigator. Book must be ordered.


National Center for State Courts

Focuses on issues surrounding eDiscovery in state courts. The site compiles research and resources on e-discovery and houses a variety of articles on the eDiscovery.