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Cavo eD Data Sheets

Download a full series of data sheets that provide details on each major module of the eDiscovery platform.

Cavo eD Introduction

With Cavo eD, you will discover what four years of research and development have brought to life in this new eDiscovery platform. Cavo eD is different in so many ways. The latest innovations in software technology, advanced search algorithms and Cloud architecture come together to make possible a new vision of what eDiscovery can be.


Predictive Coding with Predictable Costs

Advanced and Fully Integrated, Cavo eD’s Predictive Coding (CAR) Has Wide-Ranging Usefulness. The benefits of a fully integrated, single platform uniting all of Cavo eD’s next-generation capabilities are on full display when users take advantage of Cavo eD’s predictive coding tools.


Intelligent Search

Only Cavo eD provides an intelligent search that is smarter than keyword search but just as fast and easy to use. Here are some highlights of the benefits of Cavo eD’s thematic search algorithm, a technology that is fully integrated throughout the Cavo eD eDiscovery platform.


Intelligent eDiscovery

After over four years of research and development under the guidance of leading eDiscovery visionaries, Cavo eD delivers innovations in features and work-flows which leapfrog over existing legacy systems. What follows are just a few of the highlights of these innovations that help make Cavo eD intelligent eDiscovery.


Intelligent Case Management with Budget Forcasting

Predictable costs. Who needs them? Everyone. Predictable costs are critical for business. Yet, too often in litigation, the unpredictability of electronic discovery costs has been a serious problem. Cavo eD is designed to be the solution for predictable eDiscovery costs. Cavo eD takes advanced Case Management tools to a new stratosphere, integrates them throughout its eDiscovery platform, and then offers a module with granular budget forecasting and business intelligence to bring all this together. With Cavo eD, predictable eDiscovery costs are finally here to stay.


Intelligent Day One Early Case Analysis

The advantages of knowing more about a corpus fast can hardly be overstated. The outcome of a case can be heavi- ly influenced by what gets decided in the Meet and Confer meeting. Going into this meeting extremely well-prepared means counsel will be able to better serve their client. Or knowing early on whether the case should be settled and for what amount can turn the negotiating tables in your client’s favor. And an early understanding of key issues means more time for counsel to develop and fine-tune its arguments and find the evidence that best supports these arguments.


Intelligent Communication and Quality Control

With so much focus on technology, it is sometimes easy to forget that the day-to-day fundamentals of communication and quality control during a Review often determine the quality of the outcome. That’s why Cavo eD’s engineers have put a great deal of thought into these two areas, with the result being dramatic improvements in both.