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Early Planning of eDiscovery Data Gathering – Technology Improves Efficiency and Case Knowledge

  Technology is just another tool to be used by lawyers.  But it is an extremely important and valuable tool when joined with People and Processes to form a cohesive strategy.  People, Processes and Technology are all equal players in eDiscovery.  Like all other tools however, technology must be deployed in a timely manner and […]

Email Threading is an Effective Pre-Review Analytic Tool to Improve Early Case Assessment

Introduction Early Case Assessment has come back to the forefront of eDiscovery.  For a number of years, people focused solely on speeding up the document review process and forgot about the importance of culling data to reduce the volume of material that needs to be reviewed.  Given the rapidly increasing volume of ESI, the demand […]

Built-In Communications Dashboard Improves Project Management- Part 2

Introduction This is Part 2 of a video blog that discusses the role a detailed communications dashboard can have on eDiscovery project management.  Please see Video Blog 32, Built-In Communications Dashboard Improves Project Management for the preliminary discussion. Given the complexity of eDiscovery projects, maintaining project control with a central Dashboard communication system is an […]

Defensible eDiscovery Should be Planned and Executed with Clear Defensible Strategies Before You Begin the Process

In September of 2016, the Sedona Conference released Commentary on Defense of Process: Principles and Guidelines for Developing and Implementing a Sound E-Discovery Process, for public comment.  The purpose of the commentary, defensible ediscovery,  is to set forth general guidance to help parties and the courts deal with the growing complexity of eDiscovery.  The goal […]

End User Software Customization- Cavo eD Created a Platform Within a Platform

      The Issue With the growing complexity of eDiscovery comes increasing eDiscovery software functionality. Each new tool or analytic component adds complexity to software platforms that can make them complex to use and complicated for staff to implement. eDiscovery platforms often have hundreds of options to choose from for power users to get […]

Are You Tracking These Important eDiscovery Metrics? With Cavo eD You Can Track These and More…

  An eDiscovery Data Metrics INFOGRAPHIC It is critically important for law firms and eDiscovery professionals to consistently manage eDiscovery projects and reduce overall project expenditures.  In order to make informed decisions, data metrics that highlight costs and expenses across all of your cases must be examined.  Using the Cavo eD Predictive Control Business Intelligence […]

Defensible Custodian Self-Collection is Possible, But it is Not Easy

    Many corporate counsels repeatedly express concern that eDiscovery identification, collection and preservation are extremely costly, time consuming and overly burdensome.  And to add to these concerns that courts continue to issue punitive sanctions for improperly executed ESI preservation. Is self collection the answer?  Given that the volume of ESI continues to expand, alternative approaches […]

What Does Analytics Really Mean in eDiscovery and How Does it Help Lawyers Do Their Job

    Analytics is a term that has been thrown about in the legal industry for the last several years, yet I find that many attorneys aren’t really sure what it is or how it applies to their work.  Let’s start with a straight definition from Webster’s dictionary…  “of or relating to analysis, separating something […]

Grid View Flexibility Improves eDiscovery Productivity

        As we have shown in the first 2 parts of this video blog, (Part 1 and Part 2) having a flexible and powerful document display or “Grid View” that displays all your summary information in an easy to read presentation is important to the efficiency of a document review.  The Grid […]

Flexible and Customizable Document Grids Improve eDiscovery Productivity

Part 1 of our series on Document Display flexibility focused on the advantages of being able to quickly change the basic settings so that the document grid would display the columns of information that would be helpful in your current task. (Part 1).   Part 2 focuses on the features of sorting and filtering within a […]