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Right Click on Terms in Document to Locate and Tag Similar Documents

    When it comes to document review, having the organized ability to search and group documents based on certain content terms allows the document review team to classify large groups of documents shortly after the review begins.  When the document review team can tag groups of documents simultaneously, reviewers can move more quickly through […]

eDiscovery Tagging Rules Can Eliminate Document Tagging Conflicts

    Intro As much as senior staff wants to get started immediately with a document review, it is worth the time at the front end of a project to set up a case properly.  The time spent before document review work begins will pay dividends throughout the course of the review project.  The creation […]

Database Sampling Can Accelerate eDiscovery Knowledge

      Intro Mathematical sampling is a very strong tool to gain a solid representational understanding of a large set of documents.  (This is not to be confused with Predictive Coding which will be covered in a future Blog).  While it sounds advanced and can be difficult to deploy correctly, it can easily assist […]

Improved Document Tagging During eDiscovery Review

    When it comes to document review, tagging documents is one of the most important steps in the entire eDiscovery process, because those tags become the basis for many litigation decisions.  It is also one of the more mundane tasks that is often performed with review tools that were designed decades ago, with very […]