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The Real Lesson of the Wells Fargo Data Debacle… Is it a Failure of People, Process or Technology?

Introduction On July 20th, a lawyer from Bressler, Amery & Ross representing Wells Fargo was notified that confidential information on some of the bank’s wealthiest clients had mistakenly been produced without redaction, and without a confidentiality agreement in place. Furthermore, the CD-ROM was released by the receiving party to the New York Times, which resulted […]

eDiscovery Procedures Must be a Skillset Possessed by all Attorneys – The Details Matter

  For reasons I don’t quite understand, eDiscovery is still scary to many lawyers.  After years of working with a variety of attorneys across the country, I believe that the core reason is that eDiscovery seems to consist of complex technology that is outside the area of comfort for many attorneys.  But the reality of […]

Is Metadata Important in eDiscovery? You be the Judge….

      Many of us involved in eDiscovery take for granted the belief that metadata is an important part of eDiscovery and should always be collected.  However, there is still a lot of push-back from attorneys who think it is a waste of time and effort, mostly because they don’t understand how it can […]

Are You Tracking These Important eDiscovery Metrics? With Cavo eD You Can Track These and More…

  An eDiscovery Data Metrics INFOGRAPHIC It is critically important for law firms and eDiscovery professionals to consistently manage eDiscovery projects and reduce overall project expenditures.  In order to make informed decisions, data metrics that highlight costs and expenses across all of your cases must be examined.  Using the Cavo eD Predictive Control Business Intelligence […]

No, There is No Legal Requirement that You Read Every Document

Intro There are still many lawyers who believe that they are not doing their job if they don’t read every email, document, spreadsheet, video and all other ESI that gets produced during discovery.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Courts are pushing the idea that you need to use technology to help you get to […]

Relevance Not Enough under Amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure – Implementation of 26(b)

In Noble Roman’s, Inc. v. Hattenhauer Distrib. Co., No. 1:14-cv-01734-WTL-DML, 2016 WL 1162553 (S.D. Ind. Mar. 24, 2016), the court recently ruled that relying solely on relevance was not enough to force Plaintiff to turn over request information.  The Plaintiff’s motion for a protection order was granted and the Defendant is prohibited from obtaining the […]

Right Click on Terms in Document to Locate and Tag Similar Documents

    When it comes to document review, having the organized ability to search and group documents based on certain content terms allows the document review team to classify large groups of documents shortly after the review begins.  When the document review team can tag groups of documents simultaneously, reviewers can move more quickly through […]

Craig Ball Republishes his “Luddite Lawyers Guide to Backup Systems”

A Luddite Lawyers Guide It takes a lawyer with an impeccable, well established reputation to publish a guide for lawyers with the title, A Luddite Lawyer’s Guide to Backup Systems.  But that same attorney also follows some simple rules and credos regarding a profession that he truly loves and is without question a master of.  […]

eDiscovery Tagging Rules Can Eliminate Document Tagging Conflicts

    Intro As much as senior staff wants to get started immediately with a document review, it is worth the time at the front end of a project to set up a case properly.  The time spent before document review work begins will pay dividends throughout the course of the review project.  The creation […]

Non-Linear Workflow Improves eDiscovery Processes

Litigation is not linear, it is messy and often backtracks on itself several times as knowledge increases and evidence is gathered at different stages from investigation through deposition and planning a trial strategy.  It is rare that the knowledge that exists at the beginning of a case is the final information that you need at […]