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Categorical Privilege Logs May Be Inadequate, Court Orders Plaintiff to Provide a Metadata Log

Summary South Carolina District Judge J. Michelle Childs recently ruled that a plaintiff’s Categorical Privilege Log was inadequate and ordered the plaintiff to supply a new log that contained metadata about each document.  In   Companion Property and Casualty Insurance Company v. U.S. Bank N.A. et al, No. 15-01300 (D. S.C., Nov 3, 2016 , the […]

Process Optimization Principles are Needed in eDiscovery, and Where You Can Get Them Right Now

Project Management Project Management has been a topic of conversation in the legal services industry for several decades.  Apparently we are still behind the general curve in terms of implementation of accepted Best Practices in the eDiscovery field.  At the recent ACEDS conference in New York a session was titled, E-Discovery Project Management: Ask for […]

Integrated Process Checklists Assure eDiscovery Best Practices

      How does a book, The Checklist Manifesto, written primarily for use in the medical profession apply to the world of eDiscovery?  Because at its basic level it is about how professionals deal with the increasing complexity of their responsibilities.  We all think that we will remember everything we need to do and […]

Craig Ball Republishes his “Luddite Lawyers Guide to Backup Systems”

A Luddite Lawyers Guide It takes a lawyer with an impeccable, well established reputation to publish a guide for lawyers with the title, A Luddite Lawyer’s Guide to Backup Systems.  But that same attorney also follows some simple rules and credos regarding a profession that he truly loves and is without question a master of.  […]

An eDiscovery Best Practices Lesson: Specify Desired Data Format in the First Request for Production

The plaintiff sent discovery requests in Allison v. Clos-ette Too, LLC, No: 14 CV 1618 (LAK)(JCF) (S.D.N.Y. Jan. 9, 2015) without specifying the preferred document format.  The problem was further exacerbated by the fact that no objection was raised at any point in the rolling production to the delivery of non-native format data. After Defendant’s […]

Non-Linear Workflow Improves eDiscovery Processes

Litigation is not linear, it is messy and often backtracks on itself several times as knowledge increases and evidence is gathered at different stages from investigation through deposition and planning a trial strategy.  It is rare that the knowledge that exists at the beginning of a case is the final information that you need at […]

Talking Technology – Perspectives from the Federal Bench, Legal Tech 2016

I say it every year.  As a practicing attorney, if you are only going to attend one session at Legal Tech, it should be a panel where jurists are willing to impart their knowledge and impressions to a legal audience.  Getting information directly from judges is the best roadmap a litigator can have that might […]

Discovery on Discovery – The Current Standards According to the Southern District of New York

I try to stay abreast of important rulings as they occur, but this one slipped under my radar.  Nonetheless, I think it is worthwhile to review since it is really a fundamental issue that should be handled during the Meet and Confer.  Since that was part of a topic during a recent webinar we conducted […]

Prioritized Review – Redux. New Tools, Same Process

At the risk of aging myself I would like to start this discussion with some statements for the sake of clarity.  When I first entered the legal field, everything was done using paper copies (not because we wanted to, but because there was no other alternative); in fact the first computer index summaries to help […]

Skills Every eDiscovery Project Manager Needs to Stay Relevant and Excel

Rather than launch into a series of metaphors about the leadership skills that make a successful sports team and how they are similar to what an eDiscovery Project Manager needs, I am going to treat the job characteristics of Project Manager for what it is.  It is a specialized profession that requires very specific skills.  […]