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How to Avoid Fallout Regarding Data Preservation: Plan, Employ and Deploy Defensible eDiscovery Processes.

    The problem of data that has been preserved unnecessarily “data preservation”coming back to hurt people and corporations has been occurring since I first got interested in politics, back in 1977 with Richard Nixon and his famous audio tapes and the missing 18 minute gap.  It used to be tape recordings and documents, now […]

Metadata is Important – It Should be Part of Every eDiscovery Data Request

For a long time attorneys have been telling those of us in eDiscovery that Metadata is “just not worth the effort, it complicates eDiscovery productions and no one ever uses it”.  I think we all understand that Metadata will not always be used in a case and may not be probative, but when you need it, […]

The Value of Project Management and Technology: The Devil is in the Details

In Re: Delta/AirTrain Baggage (N.D. Ga Feb. 3, 2012 included discussions about the importance of eDiscovery Project Management.  While not codified in any formal rule, recent court rulings lean very heavily towards the details required during the eDiscovery process; which in turn point to the key role that Project Managers and updated eDiscovery tools have in […]