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The Real Lesson of the Wells Fargo Data Debacle… Is it a Failure of People, Process or Technology?

Introduction On July 20th, a lawyer from Bressler, Amery & Ross representing Wells Fargo was notified that confidential information on some of the bank’s wealthiest clients had mistakenly been produced without redaction, and without a confidentiality agreement in place. Furthermore, the CD-ROM was released by the receiving party to the New York Times, which resulted […]

eDiscovery Procedures Must be a Skillset Possessed by all Attorneys – The Details Matter

  For reasons I don’t quite understand, eDiscovery is still scary to many lawyers.  After years of working with a variety of attorneys across the country, I believe that the core reason is that eDiscovery seems to consist of complex technology that is outside the area of comfort for many attorneys.  But the reality of […]

eDiscovery Trends That Will Likely Impact Corporate Counsel in 2017 – You Need to be In-The-Know

Corporate Counsel need to be more involved in all facets of litigation involving their enterprise.  It is no longer enough to hire outside counsel and assume that they will take care of all your litigation needs.  With the recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) in 2016, there are major changes that […]

Early Planning of eDiscovery Data Gathering – Technology Improves Efficiency and Case Knowledge

  Technology is just another tool to be used by lawyers.  But it is an extremely important and valuable tool when joined with People and Processes to form a cohesive strategy.  People, Processes and Technology are all equal players in eDiscovery.  Like all other tools however, technology must be deployed in a timely manner and […]

End User Software Customization- Cavo eD Created a Platform Within a Platform

      The Issue With the growing complexity of eDiscovery comes increasing eDiscovery software functionality. Each new tool or analytic component adds complexity to software platforms that can make them complex to use and complicated for staff to implement. eDiscovery platforms often have hundreds of options to choose from for power users to get […]

Action Wizards in eDiscovery Platforms Improve Productivity

          Full featured eDiscovery platforms are filled with options and choices to provide the widest variety of utility for users.   This same complexity and “completeness” can make them hard to use effectively.  No one uses all features that are available on every eDiscovery matter.  Some features are used rarely, while others […]

Using Technology to Reduce Review Costs May Soon Be a Requirement to Recover Fees

      There are lots of reasons to embrace technology during litigation and document review; accuracy, efficiency and client satisfaction rank among the top reasons.  One that must now be added to the list and is generally overlooked by lawyers is the impact that technology may have on court approved fees for work performed […]

Flexible and Customizable Document Grids Improve eDiscovery Productivity

      Most eDiscovery platforms have some version of a document display or document grid that displays your selected documents in a table, providing summary information about a document corpus.  In fact, the document display features are generally available in nearly every stage of your project. They contain the Metadata, document contents and optional […]

Process Optimization Principles are Needed in eDiscovery, and Where You Can Get Them Right Now

Project Management Project Management has been a topic of conversation in the legal services industry for several decades.  Apparently we are still behind the general curve in terms of implementation of accepted Best Practices in the eDiscovery field.  At the recent ACEDS conference in New York a session was titled, E-Discovery Project Management: Ask for […]

The EDRM Continues to be an Excellent Resource for Everything eDiscovery – An Updated Glossary of Terms

The EDRM Glossary of Terms Like every profession, the legal profession has always had a lexicon of words that the average person is not familiar with.  It is one of the only places in the United States where Latin words are still used to describe certain conditions or situations.  All lawyers are familiar with these […]