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Worldox Integration

Document Management Integration

Unified Worldox Integration

Integration Between Worldox Systems and Cavo eD Provides a Unified Method of Selecting, Reviewing and Producing Litigation Documents.

When litigation is looming on the horizon, one of the biggest problems is selecting the information that might be responsive and getting it transferred and processed so that it can be reviewed by the litigation team and then produced if required. Gathering that information from a document management system has been a logistical problem in the past.

Electronic discovery is often seen as too expense and complicated. As data volume increases, costs rise accordingly. Worldox users need an integrated eDiscovery platform to capture documents for litigation. Cavo eD is a complete eDiscovery platform that can be customized for simple document review through complicated analytics and production.

Worldox and Cavo eD have connected two powerful systems to create a unified process for handling your litigation documents. This new solution complements your Worldox document management and legal hold tools with a connector tool that allows you to easily upload your litigation documents directly into Cavo eD, a full-featured eDiscovery platform. You can streamline your litigation readiness, while maintaining complete control over your documents.

Worldox allows your firm to collaborate anywhere securely. Document management is not just about documents: it’s about organizations and people. It brings together all of an organization’s sources of knowledge by tracking all forms of data. But what happens to your information when you are notified of a lawsuit? Worldox recommends that users deploy the Legal Hold tool to identify and freeze potentially relevant material and move it to the Worldox Legal Hold folder. This is the best defensible practice when litigation is a possibility. And now, Cavo eD has created an integrated solution that collects Worldox data effortlessly into a complete eDiscovery platform.

Cavo eD has built a Collections Tool for Worldox clients that can be installed behind your firewall with the ability to capture all of the documents that you want to process and review in response to litigation. This solution now makes it seamless for Worldox users to add Cavo eD’s easy-to-use yet powerful eDiscovery platform to handle litigation matters.

This Collections Tool eliminates complicated data transfers when launching an eDiscovery case from Worldox. Once you place your documents in the Legal Hold folder in Worldox, they flow directly to Cavo eD for processing. Users can then begin a basic linear review including analysis, review and production as soon as processing is completed.

Cavo eD is a fully featured eDiscovery platform with advanced analytics, powerful search tools, automated project management and an intuitive interface to make your document review more efficient (see full product description here {link to page 1 of webpage}). For smaller cases, it can be streamlined to perform a basic linear review and move documents directly into a Production module. There is no long-term contract involved; the platform is available on a case by case basis. Adding the Worldox Collections Tool and Cavo eD to your litigation workflow will save your firm time and money, regardless of the size of your case.

It couldn’t be any easier. All you have to do is go to the Cavo eD sign-up page {link to sign up page} and complete the required forms. Once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions, an email notice will be generated and sent directly to our technical support team.

Working with your internal IT team over the phone, we will quickly provide the instructions on creating a Cavo eD Tab in Worldox and then install the connector on your system. Once you place documents in your Litigation Hold folder, they will automatically be transferred via FTP to a dedicated Project space on our AWS Servers and processed. When processing is completed, a Project Manager will notify you so that you can begin work. Based on the level of training that you have requested, our Project Manager will provide you with the information that you need to use the system.

It really is that easy… Our Project Manager will set up your first case on the system and provide access instructions, passwords and basic user fields for implementation. Services may also be provided by your current Worldox Service Provider, who should be your initial point of contact.

Your primary point of contact will be your current Worldox reseller, once they become Cavo eD/Worldox Service Partners. They will be able to perform all the necessary preliminary work to get the Connector installed and set up for your use, in conjunction with Cavo eD Project Managers. If your current reseller has not yet become a Cavo eD/Worldox Service Partner, you may contact us directly at or 800.998.4574 and we will be happy to answer any questions and get you started.

Cost Schedule

  • Initial Client Setup Fee - $1200
  • Data Processing - $20/GB
  • Live Data Charge $15/GB per month applies after first month
    • $100 per month per case minimum
    • 3 month minimum for Live Data Charges
  • Other Services
    • Offline Data - $2/GB per month
    • Storage/Restoration - $300
    • Professional Services - $200/hour
    • Additional Services - To be quoted
Training Option
  • Entry Level Document Review - $0
  • Linear Review - $1500
  • Analytics - $3000
  • Project Management - $5000